capture1We Have been Married for 14 years with 4 Beautiful Children, My Husband Matt is retired Military and now he is  full time in College for Business and accounting. I went to school and I’m a certified veterinarian assistant. I will be going back to school in the future to become a certified dog trainer in hopes to train service dogs. We love Breeding our Golden’s they are an amazing breed. We are serious hobby breeders, We have had Golden Retriever puppies for sale for a few years now, and Love providing families like yours a wonderful Golden addition in your family. Golden’s are family dogs and have great temperament, they Strive to live up to our expectations and most often exceed them. We believe that Golden’s are the best breed anyone can own who wants a Family dog to enjoy and be a companion. Also, this breed can easily be trained with a little effort if you want a dog to have fun with. Some things they can be trained for are hunting, sporting, and even Dog Shows. They are great for becoming Service dogs as well. Please Browse our Page, can’t Wait to hear From you! Our Puppies come with First Vet visit with shots, dewormed, and a  health agreement. Golden’s are the #3 third smartest dog in the world and number one #1 family dog in the world by Animal plant.

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